Stallen South Asia Private Limited is one of the leading Animal Health Companies in India since 1997; it is promoted by Mr. B V Parikh, who was a Technical Director with a multinational company and has world wide experience of 50 years in pharmaceutical industry. The other director, his son, Mr. Amit Parikh who is well qualified and has vast experience in manufacturing veterinary medicines is looking after the activities of the company with a vision: “The Animal Health Company, you can Trust”.   He is ably assisted by his wife Mrs. Jagruti Parikh, who looks after the administration and accounts while their son Aniket Parikh, who has a degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering looks after international markets.

      At the time of inception of the company it was had a collaboration with Stallen AG, Switzerland and thereafter the stake of Stallen AG has been taken over by Fatro S.P.A., Italy, who have been working in Veterinary Medicine since 1947 with a guiding principle “Animal health your Health”.

       Stallen is marketing its wide range of Poultry and Cattle products, which consists Antibacterial, Antimycoplasmal, De-Warmer, De-warmer and Immuno Modulator, Anthelmintic, Multi Vitamins with Calcium, B-complex with Liver Extract,  Toxin Binders, Antidiarrhoels, Growth Promoters, Anti Mycoplasmal, Anticoccidial, Aflatoxicosis, Water Sanitisatizer,  Fly controller, Disinfectants products,  Ayurvedic Non Homonal Oestrus Inducer, for  Infertility and Repeat Breaders, Herbal Spray for Deep Seated & Maggotted Wounds, etc.    The products are manufactured in a modern and well-equipped factory, which is complying to WHO-GMP Standard.
Stallen also markets FATRO’s wide range of vaccines, which includes treatments for New Castle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis, Infectious Bursal Disease, Infectious Coryza, Mycoplasma Galliseptium, Fowl Cholera, etc.

       Stallen’s marketing team consists of veterinarians and professionally qualified and experienced field force that promoting their products  and have been able to achieve a significant market share.    Stallen’s Veterinarians have traveled across India to explain it’s products to the farmers  and to help with their questions.

       To spread Stallen’s products in every nook and corner of India, Stallen has about 20 dedicated sales offices across India, where from the products are directly sold to the customers which helps in building long term direct relationship with the customers, achieve better price realization by avoids the distributor/retail margins and also helps in understanding their requirements. All these offices are equipped with modern automation interlinked to the head office, which is situated in Mumbai.   The head office is equipped with modern software to be able to check the daily inventory in each office and track goods to ensure the customers receive them on time.   In order to monitor timely production and dispatch of goods to warehouses across India, a special software package has been developed and installed between the head Office and factory. 

Besides India, Stallen products are very well accepted by poultry farmers, feed mills, etc.  in neighboring  countries  like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.      Its products are also marketed in Philippines and Ghana while registration is under process in Egypt.


"We take special care of those who are unable to express their feelings"
Amit Parikh, MD of Stallen

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